martes, 12 de junio de 2018

Próximo otoño Curso Rescue 3.(Govin kayak)





Here you have more photos of the last  Rescue 3 Europe course that we attended in  the Alberche River, Navaluenga. Next year  the organizer Govin Kayak - Aventura Gredos is thinking seriously about organize another one  as soon as the river catch water...maybe in october or november..We will report you as  faster as we will be able!

If you don´t know anything about the rescue 3 Courses, here I provide you a link to their website. The only problem is that you will have to deal with english, otherwise whether you don´t comprehend english  fluently we will translate it into spanish to you.
It is said that the more you learn the less you know, and that is exactly  one of the main objetives of this your mind and be aware of the necessity to adquire new knowledge an rehearse these rescue techniques.

To this day, we already  have several friend who are interested in attending the next course. Which will be probably located in Navaluenga, and the Alberche River, maybe another location for the course could be in Tormes River close to Barco de the end, water will decide the place!




Bueno en español, no me quiero enrrollar mucho, deciros que el primer curso Rescue 3 Europe organizado por Govin Kayak y UR 2000 fué un exitazo y Freddy ya está pensando en repetir la experiencia el proximo otoño...Ya os avisaremos, porque tenemos muchos amigos que se quedaron con la miel en los labios y desean realizar el curso. Un saludo!



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