lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Noguera River 2015

Helen is one of the best teacher you can find...

Here you can see Castores anf Yayo´s together.
At this particular time, I´m going to show you a little footage of our first descent of the season, Noguera river  july of 2015.  As I told you before in others post, we were acompanied by the most famous river team from Navaluenga Los Castores del Alberche. All of us enjoyed the river and passed a good time  reinforcing our friendship.

Our team is an open group, if you live near Madrid and you want to join us, visit or  Thanks to Javi, our webmaster!!

By the way! As you can see in the last part of the video I was playing "maracas" in a keeper hole...finally I had to appeal to my eskimo roll!

Lo dicho chicos, que lo pasamos muy bien en el Noguera en la que viene siendo nuestra cita anual de todos los veranos...aunque llevaramos unos cuantos sin acudir...

We are a intenational group, here: Ivan Leptach from Ukraine.

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  1. Joderrrr...como te lo Montas Amigo.....menudo vicio....sigue asi disfrutando....un Fuerte Abrazo...