jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

Winter Relaxing Session in Picadas



It´s a plesure to find myself with my so abandon kayak, at least 8 months have passed  since the last time we saw each other on the water.  It couldn´t be on freshwater its better than nothing.

A cool afternoon of january, I was paddling with my qajaq aqua in Picadas dam the closest  artificial lake  to  home.  Is special navigate near the sunset with the only sound of you paddle hitting the water surface.




Looking arround,  pines trees and grass  look spectacular with their bright green  colors, in contrast with the grey stones complitely covered with  moss and lichen.

Only half an hour takes me drive into an escape from the overcrowded city...relax and peace, it doesn´t matter  my navigation speed or the amount of kilometers...

.Meanwhile, I´m paciently waitting for the rain or a trip to the Sea...If I could ask for  a wish, Asturias wouldl be my election...

It looks like frost on the leaves...but not, it  shoulb be a kinfd of fungus...but the visual effect is impresive


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