domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017

Alberche Piedra Caballera

David Meneses
Alberche Puente Arco.

As far as I now, there isn´t anything you can compare with the friendship...we love kayak, we enjoy the beatiful landscapes...the point of view that we can achieve trhough our kayak...but over all, we love this sport thanks to practice it with our friends...without friends white water kayaking  doesn´t have the same meaning...

Our partner is our life guard, the relationship among kayakers is based in trust , that the reason because you never ever  will find any mate better than your friends.

This day , I was paddling with my dear friend David Meneses from los Castores del Alberche, a man  with a heart bigger than him...and David is big enough ...!! jajaja

Thanks David for your company, it was a nice day in Alberche River, we had a good water level thanks to the river flood



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